Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Is Vladimir Putin a "Neo-Comi"?

Is Vladimir Putin a "Neo-Comi"?  

A “rule book” based on selective history is still injustice. When politicians, like Putin use the word “Neo-Nazi” we know that we are leaving the world of history and entering  #Hollywoodism. Neither Hitler or the folk who supported him used “Nazi”, “Hun” or “Kraut”, anymore than Putin or the KGB who supported Putin used “comi”, “red” or “pinko”.

To understand the “National” aspirations of the Ukraine you have to understand the #Holodomor of the early 30's where America's great democratic Allie, the man nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, "Uncle Joe", exterminated up to 20 million Ukrainians who wanted independence from the “Good Guys”. After almost 100 years of Russian ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Ukrainians through starvation, torture, murder, relocation and replacing them with Russians, Putin and the “Neo-Russians” are not satisfied. Only cynical selective history can call on International Law to bless what was started with the Holodomor.

If Putin really wants to put the world on a road to justice, he should ask himself, what was one of the major causes of the collapse of the Soviet Union? --- Propaganda that was so outrageously out of sink with reality, that it no longer worked. When the Propaganda Wall came down in the 1990's what was one the biggest sellers? Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf"! Why? --- After 70 years of spewing hatred for the Deutsch, Russians knew that their was something wrong with all this antiDeutsch Propaganda. Replacing Soviet Propaganda with #Hollywoodism will not help either because "The Big Lie" of the reincarnation of Hitler, namely Saddam Husain and his Weapons of Mass Destruction is now precipitating the fall of the American Empire or more accurately the fall of the  "An Empire of Their Own".

If the propaganda meme “Neo-Nazi” is valid for the aspirations of a free and democratic Ukraine then Vladimir Putin can safely be called a “Neo-Comi”.

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