Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hillary's Hollywoodism Compares Putin to Hitler

When your mind is manufactured in #Hollywoodism any version of history is possible.

Hillary using "Reductio ad Hitlerum" gives evidence to the unsoundness of her version of history. Real Ukrainians not russian colonialist or american imperialists remember the #Holodomor where maybe up to 20 million Ukrainians where exterminated. Not quickly through Zyklon B gas, that hollywoodism shows in it’s endless #Shoah Business. Not the Zyklon B gas that Americans used to humanely execute it’s prisoners but starvation, painfully administrated, consciously systematically over a period of years by the Russians with Americans silent complicity. Why? Because Ukrainians dared to believe that indigenous people should have a right to run their own country.


What is now coming to the fore is incontrovertible proof that no massacre took place at Babi Yar during the German occupation of Kiev; that the ravine was not used as a mass grave for Jews killed by the Germans. But it was a burial field between 1922-1935 for the victims of the Cheka/NKVD. - See Kiev Evening News, March 19, 1997
Despite a clear and unequivocal international report issued after the discovery of the mass graves of Katyn, the atrocity propaganda churned out by Ilya Ehrenburg and Wassily Grossmann continued - not only throughout the Nuremberg Trials, but right up until a few years ago - to impute the Stalinist mass murders to the Germans.[114] In this vein, Katyn and Babi Yar are not the only examples that come to mind; there are also the massacres of Lvov, Char'kov, Bykivnia, Bielhorodka, Darnitza and Vinnica. They represent many hundreds of thousands of victims, including some from the liquidation era of Lazar Moisejevich Kaganovich.[115] Katyn is the only case so far where the Soviets have admitted as late as 1991 that they were the perpetrators! -HERBERT TIEDEMANN Babi Yar: Critical Questions and Comments

It was the National Socialists of Deutschland that liberated the Ukrainians from the “Good Guys” in the "Good War. It was not the Ukrainians that suffered under Deutschland but it was the invading tormentors, who where responsible for the starvation that suffered. Ukrainians, not the russian colonialists who now occupy half the country or the Hollywood brainwashed youth financed by Americans but the indigenous people of Ukraine, who lost loved ones in the Holodomor, know very well who really saved them.

Real Ukrainians understand that the Russians and the Americans are different sides of the same coin, out to finish the complete extermination of the Ukrainians who want a sovereign country of their own.

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