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Pope “resigned”, Vatican Archives & Deutschen Holocaust

This is an excerpt from:

Intel Dump, Wednesday February 13, 2012 – Updated

Silenced and Smeared

Stories to Watch, If We Had a Free and Uncensored Press

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Patton looking skyward for his orders?

Then it happened, the Pope “resigned.”
You can’t understand Joseph Ratzinger unless you have read George Patton’s journals.  Patton served as governor of Germany after the capitulation in May 1945.  He learned to love and respect the German people.  He watched the slaughter, at Eisenhower’s orders, of a million German POWs.
He saw the ethnic cleansing, what would eventually account for over 8 million Germans, murdered or sent to die in the Bolshevik gulags.  Patton saw a very different “holocaust” than we see on TV today.
Find Patton’s real post war journals.  Read them.  Also remember, this was America’s greatest wartime general, probably the greatest military leader since Hannibal.  Doing everything possible to “cartoonize” him, to destroy his legacy has been a cottage industry for the media.
The German pope, Benedict XVI, is the first pope in over 600 years to be forced to resign, “Nixonized.”
For the past few days, for the next few weeks, the rats will be eating at his legacy, conspiracy theories, rumors, bizarre and senseless tales of financial crimes and sex abuse cover-ups.
Those who spread these stories, all without any verifiable origin, all wild conjecture, are “tasked” with finishing Ratzinger off. The task begun when the first picture, the “Sith Lord Pope,” was published.
Why does Julian Assange always look like Mussolini when photographed?  Do you think all photographers lay on the ground when taking pictures of accused rapists?
The moves against the pope began with his investiture as they did with John Paul II, meant to die at the hands of a Bolshevik assassin.
You have to understand this about the Vatican, it has run the most powerful intelligence organization in the world and has done so for centuries.  The Vatican archives contain so much more than some quite terrifying secrets, and there are enough of those.
Some know, perhaps a few, that since the Papacy of John Paul II, the church has been assailed from within by Satanists within the College of Cardinals.
From an interview with Fr. Malachi Martin:

If you have skipped the four minute Martin interview, I suggest you bookmark this article and return to this later.  If you are a Christian, I suggest you spend time looking into my good friend Father Martin, his interviews and books.
Father Ratzinger’s issues, those that led to his downfall, were very much related to the issue of Satanism and the Vatican, that and a historical context, a mosaic as it were, that many miss.
Review what you feel you know about the post-war years.
Ratzinger was a German soldier during World War II.  He saw, first hand, what Patton saw, the systematic destruction of the German people.  Germany was subjected to the most brutal ethnic cleansing and holocaust of any nation save Carthage.

A German mother and her two daughters – get the treatment
Millions murdered, millions raped, millions starved, a nation consigned to shame and damnation at the hands of what we now so very clearly recognize as something substantively worse than Hitler could ever be accused of.
What we have of the war, and I am very much of the generation of Americans born after the war, those steeped in the mythology of Nazi evil, of American triumph, raised to question nothing, to lap up propaganda, and give only thanks.
Ratzinger began to become a serious threat as the Church dealt with the trial of Bishop Williamson, tried for “holocaust denial” in Germany.
Williamson had appeared on a radio show in Sweden and had questioned the legally sanctioned “German revisionist holocaust mythology.”
He was free to do so in Sweden but NOT in Germany.
Though Williamson was not in Germany, his broadcast was played in Germany and he was extradited and prosecuted for committing the crime of “illegal speech” that, though it wasn’t perpetrated in Germany, it was “heard” there.
Where did Williamson’s ideas come from?  Williamson, a “prince of the church,” had access to the Vatican archives.  They contain the most extensive archives on World War II in the world today, including materials capable of bringing down the oligarchical power that so many today serve, the very real Kingdom of Satan on earth today.
When you hear America called “the great Satan,” it isn’t the joke some might think.
Ratzinger saw the Williamson humiliation as the ”last straw.”  He was going to open the Vatican Archives. In the process, the version of the holocaust that is taught would have come to an end.

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