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GERMANS: ARE THEY HUMAN? “blood libel”?


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Clement Weather
 • 03.20.12 11:00 am

Ever since the Jews won World War II, it’s been acceptable throughout the Western world to portray Germans as subhuman— [...]

[...] If the PC Speech Gestapo hates Nazis so much, why are they acting like them?


The way WWII is framed nowadays, you’d think the Germans were the only ones who killed anybody. But doesn’t the fact that they lost that war sort of prove that the Allies were better at killing? [..]

Is it ever fair to reduce any ethnic group’s cultural history to nothing but butchery? Doesn’t that constitute “blood libel” on some level? [...]

In a world where we’re constantly being punched in the kidneys about how we’re supposed to see all people as people and to honor their inviolable peoplehood into perpetuity, shouldn’t this apply to everyone—even those filthy rat bastard Prussian warmongers? [...]

Isn’t it a little racist to accuse Germans—or “white people,” or “Jews,” or “Canadians,” or “Arabs,” or “Eskimos,” or “skateboarders,” or anyone—of being uniquely disposed toward savagery and mob violence? [...]

Will the world always remain so primitively stupid and in need of easy scapegoats? [...]


German civilian victims of the Allied bombing at Dresden. I know, I know—their lives don’t count, even if many Germans were held in concentration camps after the war.

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