Saturday, June 30, 2012

Today's German Youth are Nazis

Half of German teenagers unable to distinguish between democracy and dictatorship

The above foto reveals more Germanophobia from Alex Jones Inc. The implication of this photo is clear, today's German Youth are Nazis.  This is part of a deeper indoctrination, where the People are programmed to believe that the world is being run by the "4TH REICH" & German Youth are now in the for front to fill the ranks of this 4th Reich. 

As Americans wake up as humiliated Palestinians at TSA check points and in a hyper inflated Weimar Republic where their money is worthless, their Minds thrash around in Denial. They Dream of their Glory Days in beating up Germans. Some Dream of Reptile Nazis from Outer Space occupying the White House. In this delusion they never realize that in their Core, they are self-hating Germans. Anglos, Saxons & even Franks who colonized America where Germanic. As long as the Minds of Americans are lobotomized by Images of Hollywood Nazis they will never be able to Wake-Up.

Some Americans who are waking up are realizing what the rest of the world already knows, especially the youth of the world. It is NOT Germans or the German Youth who are the problem. They know that it is the United States of America that is the real Problem. 

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”  Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Alex Jones likes to boast how he now has more listeners than some of the Main Stream Media (MSM). What he doesn't boast is that Alex Jones Inc has become the new BIG BROTHER, controlled by the criminals he tells you he is at war with.

As more & more Americans are waking up to the Fact that their country is controlled by criminals, Alec Jones Inc, like a good con artist, like a good confidence man, LIKE A GOOD COMMUNIST,  uses these "awakenings" to earn their confidence & milk them of their hard earned money. When it comes to the big pay off, Alex Jones Inc uses deception to deliver them to the very criminals that he says he is fighting. 

"If you're out to beat a dog, you're sure to find a stick." ~ Yiddish Proverb”
By using the Germanophobia stick, manufactured mainly in Hollywood,  Alex Jones Inc misdirects readers to so called “Nazis “.  In the past derogatory ethnic labels like "Huns" & "Krauts" was used to dehumanize Germans so that they would be easier to murder but now the Propaganda Term "Nazi" is used. Once assassinated with the Term "Nazi" you are as good as a social outcast or dead, the same way in the Medieval Inquisition once you where charged as a witch you where as good as burnt at the stake.  

While American are burning German Youths at the stake, Alex Jones Inc is helping the real criminals to continue to rape & murder Americans. Have you ever asked yourself why the Alex Jones Inc Strategy  does not work. Things are not better they are worse. Like a preacher Alex Jones Inc preaches how the Apocalypse is just around the corner but if you believe in Alex Jones, you will be saved. This racket  is as old as history itself & has been used successfully here in the west for over 2,000 years.

Of course Alex Jones Inc doesn’t make these connections or reveal that, neither Hitler nor his Party used the Word Nazi! This would help expose the con. “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei was shortened by Hitler's Party to NSDAP or NS but rarely as Nazi. Calling someone a "Nazi" is similar to calling someone a "Comi" but the word "Nazi" has racist overtones while "Comi" does not.  If Alex Jones Inc. likes to be a colorful & use a little bit of the vulgar in his shows why doesn't he use the word "Comi"?

The real people that have to wake up is the Youth because they will help create the foundation of a new society. This foundation can be an Alex Jones Inc “4th Reich” or it can be a New Renaissance where Freedom of Speech is not based on phobic racism but on mutual respect of all culture, religions & races.

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